Our success at Health and Healing Family Chiropractic is driven by patient satisfaction. We aim to build lasting relationships with patients and to exceed their expectations for great care. Count on our team to listen to your concerns, address your issues and answer all your questions. You will feel secure in our abilities and confident in our care.


testimonial heather kSince I started chiropractic care I’m feeling younger and more energetic. It has helped me a lot, and I am glad I came. The people who work here are great. Thanks.

– Heather K.

testimonial elayna uEllie would get 3-4 ear infections every year. Since she has been getting adjusted, Ellie has had no ear infections, furthermore she hasn’t been sick with the flu or a cold.

– Elayna U.

testimonial rose lOverall my awareness of how I feel has improved. Specifically, I am aware that I have far fewer headaches, I am less "emotional" and I am more calm overall. I'm so thankful to be getting adjusted by the Doctors at Health & Healing Family Chiropractic. I am so very grateful for all you do ladies - You're the BEST!

– Rose L.

testimonial nancy sIt’s true! Spinal problems do run in families. My son and daughter were having some problems with their backs, knees, and feet. They both play sports, and the pain started to cause problems. Since being adjusted I do not hear any complaints and they’re excelling in athletics. The most amazing thing is my kids have not missed one day of school in three years. Is it a coincidence that we started chiropractic care three years ago, I don’t think so. Healthy kids equal a happy mom. Thanks Dr. Norring, and Dr. Lehn, your awesome!

– Nancy S.

testimonial gene hWhen I came in 3 years ago I had incredible pain in my neck & loss of feeling and weakness in the fingers of my left hand. After a few months of visits I felt better then I ever have. I was able to play sports better then I have previously. I slept better & just felt healthier. I continue to come to Health & Healing Family Chiropractic to stay healthy & feel better. Also my headaches have gotten to be few & farther between.

– Gene H.

Three years ago was the first time that I started to have severe back pain. I went to a chiropractor near my house and left after having a truly forgettable experience. I then decided to try out Health and Healing Family Chiropractic in Andover, and the results were almost instant. I had improved my range of motion and overall better health. I plan on continuing my work with Health and Healing for as long as they let me in!

– Tim E.

I was having back pain with numbness and tingling into my feet and with ongoing treatment my symptoms are subsiding. Following the advice of the doctors on nutrition, exercise and my treatment plan I am feeling better then I have in years.

– Ross N.