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Chiropractic protects the integrity of the nervous system and protects the body’s natural healing ability. If your nervous system is functioning properly then all cells, organs, and tissues of your body will function at their max potential as well. The human body is designed to resist and fight disease and illness. The chiropractic lifestyle is about preventing bad things before they happen to your body. Chiropractic exams find and eliminate misalignments and subluxations.

We use a tonal technique here at Health & Healing Family Chiropractic.

Tonal or nervous system centered chiropractic techniques are not muscle or bone based but rather focus on the nervous system and the related changes in a person’s physiology. Tonal chiropractic techniques look at the nervous system first. The doctor’s input into the nervous system then affects the muscle system which, in turn, affects the skeletal system.

quoteThe doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease. - Thomas Edison

Why would we prefer a tonal approach? The answer comes in understanding how the interference to a person’s nervous system takes place. Bones cannot move by themselves so there must have been a muscle imbalance first. Muscles do not think or act on their own so a muscle imbalance can only be the result of an unbalanced nerve supply to the muscles. So, the bone can only move if a muscle moves it and a muscle will only move when the nervous system tells it to. For us then, addressing the nervous system first makes the most sense. The rest of the body will follow.

The Integrator

the integrator toolThe Integrator instrument is a tool that was designed and built to reproduce what the hands intend to achieve during an adjustment. Originally it was manufactured for use in research only, but the advantages and benefits achieved when the results were measured led to overwhelming demand for its use in private practice. We have found that it is precise, specific, gentle, fast, effective, reliable, and consistent. Our patients LOVE this tool!

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